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Today in History for Feb. 24, 2015

Union General George Thomas
Feb. 24, 1786 – Folklorist Wilhelm Grimm was born in Hanau, Hesse-Kassel.

Feb. 24, 1803 – In “Marbury v. Madison,” the Supreme Court of the United States established the principle of judicial review.

Feb. 24, 1831 – The Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek, the first removal treaty in accordance with the Indian Removal Act, was proclaimed. The Choctaws in Mississippi ceded land east of the river in exchange for payment and land in the West.

Feb. 24, 1836 – William Barrett Travis assumed overall command of the Alamo after Jim Bowie became too ill to serve as co-commander. Santa Anna ordered an artillery battery constructed on the west side of the river. Travis sent out his famous “Victory or Death” letter that began with the words “To the People of Texas & all Americans in the World” and dispatched couriers to San Felipe and Goliad for assistance.

Feb. 24, 1862 – Col. Pinckney D. Bowles married Alice Irene, daughter of Judge H.F. and Anna C. Stearns, at Sparta.

Feb. 24, 1863 – Arizona was organized as a United States territory.

Feb. 24, 1864 - The Battle of Dalton, Georgia began. Union General George Thomas attacked Confederate Joseph Johnston's troops near Dalton, Georgia. The Union ceased the offensive the next day.

Feb. 24, 1868 - First U.S. parade with floats held during Mardi Gras in Mobile Alabama.

Feb. 24, 1868 – Andrew Johnson became the first President of the United States to be impeached by the United States House of Representatives due to his attempt to dismiss Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton. He was later acquitted in the Senate.

Feb. 24, 1872 – The Town of Pine Apple in Wilcox County, Ala. was officially incorporated.

Feb. 24, 1874 – Baseball Hall of Fame shortstop Honus Wagner was born in Chartiers, Pa. He would go on to play for the Louisvile Colonels and the Pittsburgh Pirates. He would also manage the Pirates in 1917.

Feb. 24, 1905 - Alabama author John Weld was born in Birmingham, Ala.

Feb. 24, 1915 – Alabama Gov. Charles Henderson approved the Monroe County Highway Commission Act and appointed three men to the commission: L.J. Bugg, Monroeville, chairman, two years; Dr. W.G. Hairston, Burnt Corn, four years; and J.U. Blacksher, Uriah, six years.

Feb. 24, 1920 – The Nazi Party was founded.

Feb. 24, 1927 – JFK assassination conspiracy theorist Mark Lane was born.

Feb. 24, 1928 – Major League Baseball third baseman and outfielder Bubba Phillips was born in West Point, Miss. He would go on to play for the Detroit Tigers, the Chicago White Sox and the Cleveland Indians.

Feb. 24, 1937 – Baseball Hall of Famer Lou Gehrig did a screen test for the role of Tarzan, but Johnny Weissmuller eventually got the part.

Feb. 24, 1942 – The “Battle of Los Angeles,” one of the largest documented UFO sightings in history, occurred as eyewitness reported an unknown object or objects over Los Angeles, California. This triggered a massive anti-aircraft artillery barrage, and a photo posted in the LA Times showed nine beams of light converging on an aerial object. The event lasted into the early hours of February 25.

Feb. 24-25, 1943 – Little Eva crash survivor 2nd Lt. Arthur Speltz (co-pilot) died in Australia.

Feb. 24, 1952 – Pro Football Hall of Fame defensive end Fred Dean was born in Arcadia, La. He would go on to play for Louisiana Tech, the San Diego Chargers and the San Francisco 49ers.

Feb. 24, 1953 – Major League Baseball pitcher Frank Riccelli was born in Syracuse, N.Y. He would go on to play for the San Francisco Giants and the Houston Astros.

Feb. 24, 1953 – NFL linebacker Greg Westbrooks was born in Chicago, Ill. He would go on to play for Colorado, the New Orleans Saints, the Oakland Raiders, the St. Louis Cardinals and the Los Angeles Rams.

Feb. 24, 1953 – Major League Baseball third baseman Mike Sember was born in Hammond, Indiana. He would go on to play his entire career for the Chicago Cubs.

Feb. 24, 1956 – Baseball Hall of Fame first baseman and designated hitter Eddie Murray was born in Los Angeles, Calif. He would go on to play for the Baltimore Orioles, the Los Angeles Dodgers, the New York Mets, the Cleveland Indians and the Anaheim Angels.

Feb. 24, 1967 – Alabama defensive tackle Richard Cole was the featured speaker at the annual Sweetheart Banquet at the Evergreen Baptist Church in Evergreen, Ala. Cole, an active member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, was a key player on Alabama’s 1966 team. During his career at Alabama, the Crimson Tide went 30-2-1 and won three straight SEC titles.

Feb. 24, 1970 – NFL quarterback Jeff Garcia was born in Gilroy, Calif. He would go on to play for San Jose State, the Calgary Stampeders (CFL), the San Francisco 49ers, the Cleveland Browns, the Detroit Lions, the Philadelphia Eagles, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Oakland Raiders, the Omaha Nighthawks (UFL) and the Houston Texans.

Feb. 24, 1974 – Major League Baseball third baseman Mike Lowell was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He would go on the play for the New York Yankees, the Florida Marlins and the Boston Red Sox.

Feb. 24, 1974 – NFL defensive end Simeon Rice was born in Chicago, Ill. He would go on the play for Illinois, the Arizona Cardinals, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Denver Broncos, the Indianapolis Colts and the New York Sentinels.

Feb. 24, 1982 – Lyeffion High School played Brilliant in the quarterfinal round of the Class 1A state tournament at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Lyeffion entered the tourney as the 1A Area II and 1A Region I champs and with a 24-3 overall record.

Feb. 24, 1992 - Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love were married in Hawaii.

Feb. 24, 1995 – The Snow Hill Normal and Industrial Institute and the Tait-Ervin House, both in Wilcox County, were added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Feb. 24, 2000 – Four locations in Clarke County, Ala. were added to the National Register of Historic Places. Those locations included the Airmount Grave Shelter, also known as the Hope Family Grave Shelter, located in Airmount Cemetery near Thomasville; the Doit W. McClellan Lustron House and the J.P. McKee Lustron House, both in Jackson; and the Isaac Nettles Gravestones in the Mount Nebo Baptist Church Cemetery near Carlton.

Feb. 24, 2013 – The Frisco City United Methodist Church was devastated by fellowship hall fire.

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