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The Evergreen Courant's News Flashback for Feb. 17, 2015

FEB. 21, 1991

Weather reporter Harry Ellis reported .25 inches of rain on Feb. 13 and .22 inches on Feb. 16 in Evergreen. He also reported a high of 70 degrees on Feb. 13 and a low of 17 degrees on Feb. 16.

“W&J Propane recently announced the appointment of Ralph Stacy to the position of manager of W&J Propane in Evergreen. This is in addition to his duties as area manager, as well as manager of marketing and advertising.”

“Stacey White, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack White, was named Miss Alpha 1991 at the annual Miss Alpha Pageant held Thursday night at Sparta Academy.”

“Valerie Griffin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sawyer Griffin, was named Jr. Miss Alpha 1991 at the annual Miss Alpha Pageant held Thursday night at Sparta Academy.”

“Evergreen has been named a Tree City USA by the National Arbor Day Foundation. It is the fifth year Evergreen has received this national recognition.”

“Last Saturday morning yellow ribbons were placed on the fence next to the railroad tracks in downtown Evergreen by loved ones of military personnel who are serving our country in the war in the Persian Gulf. These ribbons serve as a reminder to us of the commitment of the ones from our community who are fighting for our beliefs of freedom and democracy.”

FEB. 19, 1976

Weather reporter Earl Windham reported no rain between Feb. 9 and Feb. 15. He reported a high of 79 degrees on Feb. 14 and a low of 30 on Feb. 9.

“Mayor submits resignation as of Feb. 29: Mayor Wm. H. (Henry) Sessions submitted his resignation to the Evergreen City Council at its meeting Tuesday. It is effective Feb. 29.
“The mayor told The Courant that he was resigning rather than have to submit his family and himself to the requirements of the State Ethics Law.
“Mayor Sessions served one term on the City Council prior to being elected mayor in 1964. He won re-election to a second term in 1968, but did not seek re-election in 1972. He was named mayor by the Council to fill the unexpired term of former Mayor Coy L. Harper when he resigned in October 1973. This term expires Oct. 1.
“The City Council may elect one of themselves or any qualified elector of the city to fill the unexpired term.”

“Historical info sought on Brooklyn: Bob Kendall is collecting historical information on Brooklyn and the area surrounding this old Conecuh County community in connection with the Bicentennial, and he would appreciate any help readers are able to give him.
“Kendall is particularly interested in the names of the people who organized the bank that never opened in Brooklyn.”

“Judge Robert E.L. Key, Evergreen, filed for re-election as Judge of the 35th Judicial Circuit (Conecuh and Monroe Counties). Prior to assuming the bench, Judge Key served as county solicitor and as circuit solicitor (district attorney).

FEB. 16, 1961

“Local CAP takes part in search for plane: The Evergreen Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol joined other CAP units of Alabama, Georgia and Florida in a search mission Friday for a missing Air Force T-28 training plane.
“The missing plane was piloted by Carlos R. Jalil, a foreign exchange student pilot from Ecuador who was receiving flight training from the U.S. Air Force. The plane’s wreckage, with dead pilot, were not found until late Monday when it was spotted by a helicopter from Moody Air Force Base at Valdosta, Ga.
“This was the first opportunity that the Evergreen Squadron has had to demonstrate its ability to use its newly assigned airplane on a mission. The Evergreen plane was piloted by 2nd Lt. G.D. McKenzie, accompanied by Capt. Lee F. Smith, 1st Lt. David E. McKenzie and 2nd Lt. R.V. McClendon as observers.
“A number of other members of the local squadron worked from the ground on the mission.”

“Teenager Killed In County Crash Near Castleberry: A 16-year-old Miami boy was killed in an automobile accident on County Road 6 about six miles east of Castleberry Saturday morning.
“According to investigating officer, Highway Patrolman Troy Smith, Robert Wayne Ballard was killed about 5:15 a.m. Saturday when the impaired 1950 Ford in which he was being pushed went out of control and plunged down an embankment. Smith said another youth was pushing the car.
“Ballard and a friend were reported to have been visiting with relatives of his friend near Castleberry.”

FEB. 21, 1946

“Evergreen Sailor Was 50,000 Discharge – (From Aloha, Shelton, Va.) The Discharge Program at Shelton passed a significant landmark this past week with the processing of the 50,000th discharge. The usual order of the discharge ceremony was interrupted long enough for a few appropriate remarks made by Lt. Clark.
“William K. Wiggins, PhM 2-c, of Evergreen, Alabama, was the 50,000th man to pass through the gates of Shelton on his return to civilian life. Wiggins entered service 10 May 1942.”

“Capt. Leon A. Salter this week filed the necessary qualification papers as candidate for nomination to the office of Circuit Clerk and his formal announcement is appearing in The Courant this week.”

“Hunter Morgan, who underwent an appendectomy Monday at Carter’s Hospital in Repton, is doing nicely.”

“PIX THEATRE, Evergreen, Alabama, Wednesday Nite, March 6, Late Show at 10:30 p.m., ON STAGE – IN PERSON – CODY & CODY – feature from the ROY ROGERS SHOW and the famous STRING BUSTERS – Stars From Stage, Screen, Radio – Featuring the only LADY WHIP CRACKER on the road today, GOOFY GAL, the Cowboy Nit-wit, STELLA & ANN, the Sweethearts of the Rio Grande, RODEO OF WILD WEST BEAUTY, Stampede of Laughs and Thrills – NOVELTIES! MUSIC! ACTION! SONGS!”

FEB. 19, 1931

“SITE FOR LANDING FIELD LEASED – Engineers Approve 65-Acre Tract 5-1/2 Miles West on Belleville Highway – ACTUAL WORK TO BEGIN SOON IT IS THOUGHT: Recent developments indicate that this community is pretty definitely assured of the location of one of the intermediate landing fields now being placed at various points over the country by the Federal Government for use in the air mail service. The field proposed here will be on the Atlanta-New Orleans mail route.
“For the past several weeks, C.M. Lample, Airways Extension Superintendent, with the Department of Commerce, Washington, D.C., assisted by H.M. Bremer, civil engineer, has been making inspections and surveys of probable sites in this vicinity. A location desirable in practically all points was found on lands belonging to C. Skinner and Mrs. Katie Barlow 5-1/2 miles west of Evergreen on the Belleville highway. Leases on approximately 65 acres have been signed and submitted to authorities in Washington with certain recommendations for the installation of lighting equipment and conditioning work.
“The field will be equipped with white boundary lights at intervals of every 250 to 300 feet. Green lights will indicate the approaches to the field, while a revolving search light beacon of approximately two and one half million candle power, mounted on a steel tower will be placed at the corner of the field.” 

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