Thursday, June 28, 2018

Man reports seeing Bigfoot creature near Hog Springs in Conecuh County

Hog Springs, on the Appleton Road, near the Conecuh-Escambia line. 

I was down at the drug store the other day and someone asked me if I’d heard any local Bigfoot stories lately. I’m glad that he asked because I’ve actually got three good reports that I’ve been meaning to pass along to readers for some time.

The first incident, which was relayed to me recently by local Bigfoot researcher Ashley McPhaul, took place during the winter months of 2017 and involved a man who was driving west on U.S. Highway 84 between Belleville and Repton. The man said that as he approached the two bridges at Burnt Corn Creek, he saw a large, hairy creature standing on two legs on the side of the road. He said the creature was standing near the end of the easternmost of the two bridges, not the one directly over the creek.

He said that he saw the creature very clearly and noticed that it appeared to have its arms crossed. Later, he wondered if maybe the creature was carrying something. The man, who was traveling alone, slowed and watched as the creature moved towards the wood line, turned to look at him for a second, and eventually disappeared into the trees.

The witness said that he couldn’t remember the exact date that this happened or the exact time. He did say that it happened during the daylight hours, during the middle of the day. McPhaul noted that this sighting is one of a number that has been reported in the vicinity of Burnt Corn Creek.

The second incident, which was reported to me by a law enforcement officer in Escambia County, took place around 5:30 a.m. on Sat., June 9, and involved a man from Monroe County, who works at one of the mills in Brewton. The man was on his way home from work and was traveling north on Appleton Road when he saw something unexpected near Hog Springs, which is in Conecuh County, just north of the Escambia County line.

The man said his attention was first drawn to a tree limb that was moving on the side of the road and when he got closer he saw a creature with reddish-brown hair that appeared to be trying to “get at something” on the limb. The witness wondered if the creature was trying to get something out of the tree to eat, perhaps bugs or something along those lines.

As the man approached, he said the creature, which he estimated to be about seven feet tall, turned and looked like it “had the mange.” The witness said that the creature had very little hair on its front, and he also noted that had a cone-shaped head. He said that before the creature turned to face him, he thought it was a bear, but when it turned, he saw that it had a flat face without the distinctive snout that a bear would have.

The man continued down the road and went home. Later, he strongly declined to return to the Hog Springs area to look for tracks or other signs of the creature. In fact, he said he never planned to travel down that road again to go back and forth to work.

The third incident, which was also relayed to me by McPhaul, took place on Sun., June 17, in the “broad daylight” in the Pine Orchard-Burnt Corn area near the Conecuh-Monroe County line. The witnesses in this case were two Hispanic men who were doing work on a farm near Sand Bottom Road. All of a sudden, their work was disturbed by a loud noise caused by a large, hairy creature that jumped up about 200 yards away and ran away on two legs. McPhaul noted that bears do not run on two legs.

“It scared them pretty bad,” McPhaul said, noting that one of the witnesses actually ran away while the other made an unsuccessful attempt to take a picture of the creature with his phone. The witnesses, who weren’t able to speak good English, said the creature moved “fast, real fast,” McPhaul said. “It shook them up pretty good.”

In the end, if anyone else in the reading audience has a Bigfoot story they’d like to share, please contact me at the newspaper.

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