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Old newspaper excerpts from The Monroe Journal newspaper of Monroe County, Alabama

Alabama Governor Bibb Graves

JUNE 27, 2002

Air ambulance service to begin in summer: Seriously ill or injured patients in Monroe County will now have quick access to medical facilities in the southeastern United States.
A non-profit air ambulance service, Eagles’ Wings Air Ambulance, Inc., begins service this summer.
A Piper Cheyenne airplane has been outfitted with medical equipment designed for the ill or those patients who need organ transplants, Terry Chapman, president of the new company, said.
Chapman said the idea for the air ambulance service came from Pilots for Christ, which is an international organization that provides transportation for people in medical and other types of emergencies.

Dedication for gym is Saturday: The J.F. Shields High School Alumni Association will dedicate the school’s gymnasium in honor of W.R. Averette Saturday at 9 a.m. at the school in Beatrice.
Averette taught and coached at Shields for over 35 years. During his time there, he led the school to its first state basketball championship.
Members of the Monroe County Board of Education unanimously agreed to name the gymnasium after Averette during an April 11 meeting after (alumni gym dedication chairman George) Roberts presented the board with a petition signed by 150 people.

Roberts, McClure winners: Monroe County Commissioners Alex Roberts and Carlisle McClure of Monroeville earned the Democratic party’s nominations Tuesday in the runoff election.

JUNE 22, 1978

Taking shape: This is a recent aerial view from the southeast of the Alabama River Pulp Co. plant now under construction on the Alabama River at Fountain. The $284-million plant is designed to produce 1,000 tons a day of high-grade bleached kraft pulp. The main building, visible here, is about 1,200 feet long. The tall structure left of the building houses twin digesters, and a giant smoke stack is behind the main building. (Photo by Max McAliley)

Repton took a slight lead in the South Monroe Babe Ruth League standings last week as it defeated two opponents and tied another in a game that had to be called because of a time limit.
(Other teams in the league included Frisco City, Uriah and Excel. Top players for Repton included Jerry Waters, Terry Waters, Tom Watson and Tray Wilson. Top players for Frisco City included Tommy Agee, Brian Baggett, David Byrd, Jerome Richardson and Percey Riley. Top players for Uriah included Jeff Brooks, George Dinc, Mark Fralick, Eugene Garrett, Frank Griffin, Chris Harrison, Greg Middleton and Johnny Nichols. Top players for Excel included Phil Bowen.)

National Guardsmen back from camp: Nearly 100 Army National Guardsmen from Jackson, Monroeville and Evergreen have returned from their annual 15-day training period at Camp Shelby, Miss.
A contingent of the 778th Maintenance Co., commanded by Capt. Freddie Smith, spent the two weeks providing direct support maintenance for the summer camp units. The 778th had a wide range of direct support maintenance tasks while at camp.

JUNE 25, 1953

New officers for Alabama Masonic Lodge No. 3 at Monroeville were elected at a meeting held Tuesday.
Chosen as Worshipful Master was Kermit Branum while the other following officers were also elected: B.C. Jones, senior warden; M.F. Russell, junior warden; W.J. Falkenberry, treasurer; W.S. Nash, secretary; D.L. Russell, chaplain; W.D. Pickens, senior deacon; J.G. Turberville, junior deacon; F.A. Watkins, senior steward; Wayne Colin, junior steward; and T.E. Hall, tyler.

The Indians regained their first place position in the local Little League by downing the Yankees, 5-3, on Monday night while the Red Sox gained another victory by edging the Senators, 1-0.
Indian pitcher, Simmons, gave up only five hits to the Yanks as they traveled to the plate 24 times while losing hurler, Pugh, allowed the Indians seven hits in 24 times at bat.
Winning Red Sox hurler, Dunn, allowed the Senators five hits for 23 times at bat while Senator pitcher, Weatherford, gave up only one hit to the Red Sox in 17 tries.

Little Cliff Farish spent last weekend in Beatrice with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Farish.

The 12th annual encampment of the interdenominational Beulah Camp meeting, located off U.S. Highway 84 between Excel and Repton, has been set this year for July 2-12. Guest ministers for the meeting will be Dr. E.R. Overly and the Rev. Marvin H. Osborne, outstanding evangelists. Song evangelists Joseph L. and Alice Crouse will direct singing at the camp.
Both board and lodging are available on the camp grounds in the form of a hotel and cottages.

JUNE 28, 1928

Mr. A.C. Lee and the editor of The Journal (Q. Salter) went to Mobile Monday to be present at the dedication of the state docks.

ROBERT BAGGETT HONORED: Competing with 450 boys of the Alabama Industrial School, Robert Baggett, son of Mr. and Mrs. L.C. Baggett of Monroeville, was recently awarded a medal for being the second best commander in a military drill and review staged in honor of Governor Bibb Graves. About 2,000 people from different parts of the state were present. The medal was awarded by John S. Tilley, secretary to the governor and member of his staff.

Monroeville was connected with Mobile on Monday with the new bus line which will be operated by Mr. W.S. Bowden. The bus will leave Monroeville making stops at intermediate points for passengers. Those who want to go to Mobile and return the same day will have five hours for pleasure or the transaction of business.

Judge M.M. Fountain left Sunday for Houston, Texas, where he will attend the Democratic Convention.

Mr. Lucian Jones has returned from Birmingham where he spent several days with his mother who has been quite sick.

Miss Eunice Duke of Grove Hill, who has been visiting her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Robinson, was delightfully entertained at a fish fry Thursday evening at Claiborne Ferry, given by Mr. and Mrs. Robinson.

JUNE 25, 1878

Pine Apple – The body of a man was found on Monday lying in a grove in the suburbs of Pine Apple, The body, when found, presented a horrible and sickening sight. The head was split open and flies and maggots and buzzards had indeed made a loathsome and nauseating spectacle of the corpse. It had evidently laid there several days.
LATER – We learn that another man has been arrested on suspicion of the murder, and when he was closely questioned, acknowledged to having committed the terrible crime. Cause, jealousy.

Perdue Hill – The new saloon of the Hill is handsomely fixed up, and looks neat, cozy and enticing. The liquors and cigars are the best brands, the wines are the best the market affords, and the best beer is always kept on tap.

River Dots – The palatial steamer Mary, Capt. Quill’s boat, certainly deserves well at the hands of our people. The Mary is regular and prompt and runs both summer and winter; she runs during the dull as well as business season, and at times at a great loss to her owners, no doubt – all for the accommodation of the people. Capt. Jno. Quill is a clever and accommodating gentleman, and Mr. Clay King, as first clerk, had won many ladies’ hearts, made hosts of warm friends, and we wish all – the Mary and her excellent officers – the continued success they so well merit.

Mr. Find. McCorvey is in a semi-conscious state, being kept completely under the influence of opiates. When aroused, he recognizes his friends, however, and is disposed to talk, but is unable to do so any length of time and then scarcely above a whisper.

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