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The Evergreen Courant's Sports Flashback for Jan. 10, 2013

JAN. 8, 1998

“Gina Harper, Co-Captain of the Sparta Academy Varsity Cheerleaders, was selected at state competition to participate in the All American Scholarship Invitational to be held in Honolulu, Hawaii in January 1999.
“This event has been held in conjunction with the NFL Pro Bowl for the past three years. Over $30,000 in college scholarships are awarded annually at this event.”

“The Sparta Academy Warriors were defeated by the Escambia Academy Cougars, 54-30, on Tues., Jan. 6, 1998 in Canoe. High scorer for the Warriors was Chad Morris with 16 points.
“Shannon Brown scored four points; Jason Robinson, three points; Rod McIntyre, Lee Booker and Drew Skipper, two points each; and Seth McIntyre, one point, to round out the scoring for the Warriors.”

“The defending state champion Sparta Academy Lady Warriors upped their winning streak to 31 when they defeated Mobile Christian, 87-49, in a game played on Sat., Jan. 3, in Evergreen.
“Freshman Andrea Ward was the leading scorer for the Lady Warriors with a career high 39 points. Senior Nikki Jones was the next leading scorer with 22 points. Rounding out the scoring for the Lady Warriors were Ashley Hammonds with nine points; Jennifer Coker, eight points; Jenny Harper, five points; and Shelly Bell, four points.”

JAN. 13, 1983

“Evergreen High School’s annual football banquet will be held Saturday night, Feb. 5, at seven o’clock in the school cafeteria. Tickets are $5 per person and must be purchased by Jan. 28 from any member of the EHS Quarterback Club or contact Coach Willie Farish at the school.
“The guest speaker will be Coach Johnny Mac Hollinger, assistant head football coach at Woodham High School in Pensacola. Woodham won the Florida State 4A Championship in 1982.”

“Sparta Academy’s Lady Warriors defeated Hooper Academy, 39-35, and the Sparta Junior Varsity Boys beat Hooper, 53-35, to manage a ‘split’ in four games played at Hooper Academy’s Gymnasium on Tues., Jan. 4.
“Cheri Johnson put 13 points through the hoops to lead the Warrior Girls. Tammy Booker had six points; Tina Bybee and Leah Carrier, five each; Dudley Melton and Jan Coker, four each; and Raye Gall, two for Sparta, according to Sports Information Director Byron Warren Jr.”

“Sparta Academy has three players on the Warrior 1982-83 basketball team who are averaging in the double figures, Chris Blatz leading the way with 253 points in 13 games, an average of 19.5 per outing.
“Al Etheridge is averaging 15.1 points a game with 211 points in 14 games, and Russ Brown is scoring an average of 10.9 points per game with 153 points in 14 games.”

JAN. 11, 1968

From “Front Page, Upper Left Corner” by Bob Bozeman – “Just about the most excited and happy 10-year-old boy in these parts is young Terry Godwin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Elmore Godwin of Rt. F. Terry, who is 10, killed a 14-point, 240-pound buck while on a deer hunt with his father and others Saturday morning.
“I’m no deer hunter, but I’ve been listening to them for years, and I do know that 14 is a lot of points and I can’t remember hearing of one as large at 240 pounds ever being killed around here.
“Elmore, member of the Conecuh Board of Directors from District 3, said the buck was killed on a hunt on the Key (Judge Robert) place and Murder Creek Farms (now owned by Truman Hyde). He admits to firing twice at the big buck, but neither time hitting him good. The buck then jumped a fence and ‘bam’ young Terry fired once and that was it.
“To top it all off, Terry has been a faithful young member of hunting parties with his father last season and this, but this was the first and only time he has had a shot. No ‘buck fever’ here.”

JAN. 8, 1953

“The Evergreen Aggies improved the standing of their win column last Friday night, Jan. 2, by downing Uriah, 50-35. This contest brought the Aggie record to five wins against two losses.
“The Aggies have three home games this week. The cage team tangled Tuesday night with one of the top teams in the class A bracket for the district, T.R. Miller from Brewton. Castleberry is on the schedule for Thursday night and Friday night will find the Aggies host to a strong team from the central part of Alabama – Holtville.”

“Scoring early, late and often, Coach Hal Wyatt’s T.R. Miller Tigers stretched their unbeaten string to 35 straight here Tuesday night at the expense of the Evergreen Aggies. The Tigers, defending Class A Champions and unbeaten in two seasons now, overwhelmed the Aggies with an accurate barrage of shots that netted them a 66-30 decision.
“All-State Center Joe White maintained his high scoring pace as he produced 23 points to lead his mates to the win. He was ably assisted by Larry Smith and Wynton (Lefty) Overstreet who netted 14 and 11 points, respectively.
“Coach Wendell Hart’s Aggies had a bad night in every department of play, but were especially off on their shooting. Shirley Frazier led the scorers with 12 points. Randy White and Wayne Douglas had six each; Pace Bozeman, four; and Hugh Ellington and Ward Alexander, one each.”

From “The Week’s Wash” by Bob Bozeman – “I thought fishermen could come up with more excuses than any other brand of sportsmen, but after listening to the reasons why various hunters didn’t get but one dove out of two boxes of shells, I believe the hunters have the edges. Doves fly too high or too low or else they take on a sudden burst of speed or fly on with a belly full of shot, or any number of reasons.
“Whether you are fishing or hunting it all amounts to the same thing – either you caught ‘em or you didn’t catch ‘em, and you either hit those doves or you didn’t hit them. But, what fun would it be to hunt and fish if you didn’t have the manufacture a different excuse every time you come in empty handed?”

JAN. 13, 1938

From “Evergreen High School” by Beth Deming – “Our basketball team triumphed over the town team Thursday night making a score of 34 to 0.”

From “Repton School News” by Janice Robinson, Reporter – “The Repton Hoot-Owls were defeated Tuesday afternoon by the Uriah boys by a score of 16 to 15. Cheer up, boys, we’ll beat them next time.”

From the “Boy Scout Bulletin” – “Before the regular meeting Monday night, the Evergreen Boy Scout troop enjoyed a relay race. Teams were chosen by Robert Moore and Louis Murphy. The team chosen by Louis defeated the other group two straight games. Each runner copped two points each for his patrol.”

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