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Major J.P. Walker describes last sighting of Laula Middleton

Laula Middleton
From the front page of the July 1, 1943 edition of The Evergreen Courant newspaper:

"More Information On Lt. Laula Middleton"

A letter from Maj. J.P. Walker, commanding officer of the squadron in which Lt. Laula Middleton was serving at the time he was reported missing in action, was received last week by Miss Lyndall Middleton, sister of the missing soldier. The letter gives such of the details as are known about the action in which young Middleton was reported missing. The letter is reproduced herewith:

“I received your letter a few days ago in regard to your brother. I know that you are greatly concerned and I will endeavor to tell you all I can about him. Laula was a very dear friend of mine, as well as the other officers of the squadron. He joined us back in Columbia and was always a jolly, good-natured boy that everyone thought lot of.

“Laula was flying on my left wing at the time of the accident. An enemy fighter hit his ship, knocking off the tail. His ship spiraled down toward the ocean. Three parachutes were seen to come out of the ship. They had life vests on and were near an enemy convoy. I feel that it is very probable that they were picked up by the enemy ships and he is now a prisoner of war. At least, we hope and pray that this is the case.

This is all I know and if I find out anything more I will let you know. I am only too glad to help you in any way that I can.”

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