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The Evergreen Courant's News Flashback for Jan. 13, 2014

Bob Kendall
JAN. 18, 1990

Local weather reporter Harry Ellis reported no rain between Jan. 8-14, 1990. He reported a high temperature of 74 degrees on Jan. 11, and lows of 28 on Jan. 12, Jan. 13 and Jan. 14.

“Missi Sanford has spent this past week in Montgomery preparing to represent Conecuh county in the 1990 Alabama State Junior Miss-Young Woman of the Year Pageant this weekend, Jan. 19th and 20th, at the Montgomery Civic Center.
“Missi is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Sanford and is a senior at Sparta Academy.”

“Franklin McGee, ‘America’s Funniest Undertaker,’ thoroughly entertained the crowd attending the annual banquet of the Conecuh County Cattlemen and Cattlewomen at the Quality Inn Saturday night. McGee, who lives in Anniston, also used his humor in making some inspirational and motivational remarks.”

“Miss Blanche Estelle Castleberry, 91, a well known and highly respected native of Castleberry, died Dec. 23, 1989 in a Montgomery nursing home. She was the last surviving member of the immediate Solomon Castleberry family. Burial was in Buffington Cemetery in Castleberry on Dec. 25, 1989. She and Miss Amanda Thomas were the first graduates of Conecuh County High School in 1916.”

“(Evergreen Mayor Lee) Smith reported that plans are in place to provide a safe landing pad for helicopters at Evergreen Hospital.”

JAN. 16, 1975

Local weather reporter Earl Windham reported 2.1 inches of rain on Jan. 7, 0.6 inches on Jan. 8, 1.1 inches on Jan. 10, 0.5 inches on Jan. 11 and 0.3 inches on Jan. 12. He reported a high of 70 on Jan. 10 and a low of 32 on Jan. 6.

“A burglar or burglars ransacked the business office at Sparta Academy sometime Monday night leaving behind this scene of disorder. Entrance was gained through the front door and the office door was forced open. School officials said about $300 in cash was stolen.”

“The Fairview Baptist Church, located just south of Evergreen, will hold groundbreaking services following the 11 o’clock worship service this Sunday morning.
“The church when organized in 1973 adopted a three-phase building program. The first phase, an educational building with temporary auditorium, was erected in 1974.
“The service Sunday will break ground for the second building, also an educational building with a modern pre-school department and a children’s department.”

“The high winds that blasted this area last Friday evening uprooted this big oak tree, taking pavement, curb and all, on Magnolia Avenue. Fortunately, the tree fell between the residences of the Mike Kilpatricks and James Wilsons. Had the tree fallen a few minutes earlier, it would have struck Mrs. Connie Kilpatrick’s car which was parked in the driveway between the two houses but she had driven over to her parents.”

JAN. 21, 1960

“Conecuh Representative Wiley Salter has been nominated as this county’s ‘Outstanding Young Man for 1960.’ Rep. Salter was nominated by the Pilot Club of Evergreen.”

“(Evergreen) Mayor Zell Murphy reports that the new sewer line to Williams Avenue will be completed tomorrow. The city struck an underground stream of water at 10 feet deep and has considerable trouble completing the line. This is the second major addition to the local sewage system to be completed in recent months. The other went into Crestline Heights just off Liberty Hill Drive.”

“State Senator Robert G. (Bob) Kendall Jr. has just been made an honorary member of the Alabama Hospital Association.”

“Air Force Private, Sammy Mason, son of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Mason of Evergreen, has just been transferred to Greenland. Mason, a graduate of Evergreen High School, spent the past 30 days on leave with his family.”

“The Steven-Robert Corporation is one of Conecuh’s leading industries. Some of the department heads are seen with Manager Harmon Gunter in front of the plant. They are Mrs. Mackie Hendrick, sewing room supervisor; Mrs. Carlie Carter, secretary; Edward (Buddy) Evers, head of cutting and shipping; Gunter; Dalton Nall, head mechanic; and C.O. Vanderford, office manager.”

JAN. 18, 1945

“Tech. Sgt. Andrew Jay Jr. Reported Slightly Wounded: A second telegram from the War Dept. to Mrs. Andrew Jay notified her that her son, Tech. Sgt. Andrew Jay Jr., had been slightly wounded and was making normal improvement. His left leg was broken. The first telegram announced that Sgt. Jay was missing in action.”

“Meeting Called To Plan For Building A Hotel: Mayor J.H. Robison has called a meeting of all interested citizens to be held at the courthouse Friday at 3 p.m. for the purpose of discussing plans for constructing a hotel. Mayor Robison has recently secured some information on this matter which he wants to discuss with the citizens of Evergreen, and all are urged to attend the meeting.”

“The many friends of Wilmer McInnis are proud to see him home with a medical discharge from the U.S. Army, after being wounded in France. He was sent to England and placed in a hospital for treatment and finally returned to the States.”

“Robert Ledlow, machinist mate first class, USNR, 263 Pecan St., Evergreen, is one of four Navy Seabees who have been commended by the officer in charge for aiding in the recovery of two explosive-laden landing vehicles during the invasion of Peleliu.
“As the four volunteers approached the stranded vehicles, they were subjected to enemy mortar and rifle fire. Without protection, the men completed the mission, to bring the vehicles, loaded with ammunition and explosives, to a safe place where repairs were made.”

JAN. 16, 1930

“Concrete Being Poured On Castleberry Road: Paving of the Evergreen-Castleberry highway was begun Saturday morning, Jan. 11, by contractors, the Davis Construction Co. of Atlanta, Ga. About 150 yards were laid the first day but with good weather about one mile per week is expected to be laid from now on.”

“Centerville School: The following students have been perfect in attendance for the closing month: Fred Adams, Mildred Johns, Wendell Hart, Mamie Lou Morrison, Arthur Morrison, Cecil Andrews, Lois Barlow, Correan Landon, Johnnie Andrews, Enbert Andrews, Reece Barlow, Obie Adams, Katie May Perdue, Voncile Landon, Roland Johns and Ada Grace Ross.”

“Castleberry To Have New Filling Station: Castleberry, Ala., Jan. 14 – C.E. Robinson, proprietor of the Service Garage, has virtually completed the erection of a modern gasoline filling station at the intersection of Cleveland Avenue and the Evergreen-Castleberry highway and will make announcement of his opening date within a few days.
“The station will be known as ‘Curt’s Place,” and will be conducted by Mr. Robinson himself. In addition to the regular filling station accessories, including well known brands of gasoline, oil, tires and parts, quick lunches also will be served.”

“Robbers Enter Local A&P Grocery Store: An attempt was made to rob the local A&P Tea Co. Store early Tuesday morning when three unknown men entered the store from the back where the wall was torn down undergoing repairs, bound and gagged Manford Brinsfield, employee who was on guard. Brinsfield was found at 6:30 when A.C. Howard, manager of the store, opened up. He was lying on the floor in the front part of the store behind a display of canned goods with his hands bound with a rope, a gag in his mouth and a 100-pound sack of sugar on his feet. He was unconscious but otherwise was not injured.
“After being released and receiving treatment from Dr. W.F. Betts, Brinsfield made a statement to Sheriff Moore and Chief Moorer, stating the men made their appearance about three o’clock or shortly after, catching him off guard as he was putting some coal in the heater. One of the number placed a pistol to his back and marched him to the front of the store near where he was found lying. They asked him to tell them where the money was, and he said that he told them that he did not know, but suggested that they look behind the cash register. One of the number looked, while another held him. Not finding it, they made further threats against his life if he did not tell them just where they might find the cash. After giving up their search for the money, they then bound and gagged Brinsfield as he was found. He had seven dollars in his pocket, which the robbers took. So far as could be ascertained this was the only thing taken. No merchandise was missing.

“No clue as to the identity of the robbers has been found yet.”

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