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The Evergreen Courant's Sports Flashback for Jan. 2, 2014

Coach Wendell Hart
JAN. 3, 2008

“Sparta Academy’s varsity boys basketball team captured first place in the South Choctaw Holiday Tournament Saturday night in Toxey.”
The members of Sparta’s boys team that year were Myles Wiggins, Justin Webb, Michael Cook, Nicholas Hardin, Matt Johnson, J.R. Williams, Brannon Jordan, Chris Cinereski, Mason Black, Drayton Rodgers, Michael Morris and D.J. Buckhault. Russ Brown was head coach, and John Cinereski was assistant coach.

“Sparta Academy’s varsity girls basketball team captured the first place trophy in this year’s South Choctaw Holiday Tournament Saturday in Toxey.”
Members of Sparta’s girls team that year included BreAnna Pate, Erica Palmer, Susan Ann Cook, Mallory Kendrick, Madie Black, Morgan Harden, Christin Booker, Ashton Talbot, Emily Booker, Hayden Armuelles, Rebekah Coleman, Savannah Brown, Ashton Raines and Camarena Godwin. Russ Brown was head coach.

“A pair of Hillcrest High School football standouts collected post-season honors during the past week.
“Malcolm Rudolph, a 6-foot-3, 177-pound junior, was recently named as an honorable mention selection to the Alabama Sports Writers Association’s Class 4A All-State team.
“Rudolph and teammate John Dees were also named to the Mobile Press-Register’s annual Southwest Alabama All-Region Class 4A-6A Football Team.”

JAN. 7, 1993

From “Wright Angles” by Artie Wright – “New Year’s Day came and brought with it plentiful helpings of black-eyed peas, pork chops, collards and corn bread. The one thing missing was a heaping of ‘crow.’ After years of spilling my heart and soul, the Tide came in… with aces.
“I watched ‘the game’ in the comfort of my home with fingers crossed. Everything else that could be crossed was as well. I even brought out my portrait of ‘The Bear,’ put on my Bama jersey, drank from my ‘1964 National Championship’ commemorative glass and set my Alabama clock at 11:11. I figured all of those ‘ones’ together couldn’t hurt.
“By the time the game was over, the jersey was dripping wet with sweat, the glass was empty, the clock was still ticking away, and Bear’s smile seemed a little bigger.
“The Crimson Tide beat the odds and forced a lot of the ‘experts’ to change their colors, as well as their shorts. ESPN’s Lee Corso was the first to put on a button that stated ‘Bama No. 1.’ Most others were true believers after the game. Beno Cook simply left the building. Good riddance.
“Bama fans will hold the bragging right for the next year. Perhaps we won’t rub it in too much… perhaps we will. One thing is for sure, we will savor this victory with the hopes that 1993’s season will be just as successful as the ’92 campaign. Roll Tide Roll!”

JAN. 5, 1978

“Mrs. Raymond ‘Jewel’ Mitchell probably put a lot of male deer-hunters to shame when she killed this fine nine-point buck near the Sepulga River.”

JAN. 3, 1963

“SAWYER MAKES ALL STATE: Bill Sawyer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Parvin Sawyer of Frisco City, has been chosen as an end on the Class B All-State Football Team. This team is selected by the Alabama Sports Writers Association.
“Bill, a senior at Frisco City High School, is the grandson of Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Hart of Evergreen.”

“Sepulga River Swamp: Hunting is still the chief activity and the chief topic of conversation for the men here. Enthusiasm ‘picked up considerably’ when B.G. Robinson killed a buck. Then Milton, not to be outdone by some older brothers, killed one too. All had to go further away than this section though, for all these had been run out and scared away weeks ago.
“The hunters’ spirits were dampened somewhat, when Russell and Ruth Baggette with son, Phil, and daughter, Gayle, came for the week to visit and play awhile along the river and told of their son Bob’s killing five big turkeys this season in Clarke County. One turkey and one deer is something to talk about for days here. Maybe that is the reason the boys here took Russell hunting and let him fall in the creek on such a cold windy day.
“Sandy and Bettye Robinson came to visit the Milton Robinsons, and stayed to see after the cows and hogs, cats and dogs, while Milton and Cas went to Mobile to visit son Douglas and his wife, Marsha. That was a good time for Sandy to get his turkey or deer.
“Marcus and Laura Cumbie with daughters came to help Grandpa and Grandma Cumbie celebrate the holidays for two days, Friday and Saturday. Marcus and Annell and little dog, ‘Tippy’ went squirrel hunting and killed about seven squirrels in all. They brought with them a piece of bear meat that someone gave Marcus at Mt. Vernon. He couldn’t get anybody to cook it so brought it to Mom Cumbie. It was cooked and tasted and saved for other visitors, who had never tasted bear meat, to try. But ‘Huckleberry,’ Hoke Perkins dog left at Granpa Cumbies’, refused to gnaw the bones or try the meat.
“Happy New Year to all our friends and kin everywhere! May you all have a successful year of finding whatever you are hunting for. But let that hunting be honest, law abiding and sharing with the other hunters.”

JAN. 1, 1948

“Loretto Saints Hand Aggies First Loss: The Loretto Saints handed the Evergreen Aggies their initial defeat of the season with a thrilling last second, 26-24, win in Montgomery Monday afternoon. The Aggies took the lead early in the first quarter, led 14-11 at the half, and were never headed until Dowe, Saint guard, sank one in the final seconds for the win. The Aggies had previously defeated Loretto here, 32-20.
“Bill Carr led the Saints in scoring with 10 points and played an outstanding game defensively as well. Cannon followed with eight and Dowe had six. This was Loretto’s fourth win against two losses for the season. Besides the loss to Evergreen here, they have been defeated only by Parrish High of Selma.
“Benton Carpenter paced the Aggies, registering 10 points before leaving the game early in the final quarter on five personal fouls. George Brown, Aggie pivot ace, also fouled out in the fourth quarter. Mickey Logue and Jack Cunningham followed in the scoring five points each.
“The Aggies have won three and lost one thus far in the season. Their only loss was to Loretto, 26-24, and they have beaten W.S. Neal, 36-19, Georgiana, 59-23, and Loretto, 32-20.”

“Bay Minette To Play Aggies Here Friday: The Aggies of Evergreen High will meet an undefeated cage team from Baldwin County High of Bay Minette here Friday night. While little is known about the Baldwin quintet it is understood that they are undefeated to date. Bay Minette is one of the larger schools in the First Athletic District and are rated an ‘A’ team under the new rating system. Evergreen is also an ‘A’ team.
“Coach Hart has been keeping the Aggies busy until dark this week in an effort to break back in to the win column, but it will take a lot of basketball to defeat the Tigers. They are reported to have one of the best teams in the southern portion of the district.
“The ‘B’ game will start at 7 p.m. with the varsity game following. The Juniors may play Brooklyn and if so this game will start at 6 p.m.
“Tuesday night, January 6, the Aggies play Excel both varsity and ‘B’ games here.”

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